Blood Collection Set

In the time of Venipuncture, for patients with prominent veins it is recommended to use the following Primark’s products -

Multiple Use Drawing Needle

Description :

  • Uniquely sharpened faceting
  • Three needle gauges available in 20, 21 and 22 G
  • Patient friendly
  • Pain free blood collection
Tube Holder

Description :

  • Ergonomic design
  • Specially adjusted surface
  • Improve handling of the holder during blood collection

In the time of Venipuncture, for patients with difficult veins and respectively increased infection risk, it is recommended to use the following Primark’s products:

Safety Blood Collection Set

Description :

  • Simple to use safety mechanism
  • Reliable protection against needle sticks injuries.
  • standard version
Single-Use Holder with eccentric nozzle

Description :

  • Suitable for difficult vein conditions
  • Optimal puncture angle
  • Puncture is guaranteed through the off-centre cannula connection
  • Patient friendly blood collection
Safety Tube Holder

Description :

  • Preassembled needle for optical control
  • Guaranteed correct Venipuncture
  • Needle protection
  • Solid support to activate the cap outside the vein
Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes

With Primark's evacuated tube system, the blood is collected directly into the tube during the venipuncture procedure and is a closed system. With the traditional syringe method, the blood from the syringe must be transferred into test tubes after collection and is open system. Primark’s Blood Collection Tubes are available exclusively in PET plastic. All tubes are available with a safety cap. The use of a vacuum system eliminates the possibility of back flow occurring during blood collection.

This convenient system eliminates the need for syringes in many cases and reduces risky blood exposures to phlebotomist and need to transfer blood to test tubes by Lab technicians and consists of disposable needles and tubes. Evacuated tubes are made of glass or plastic and come in various sizes ranging from 2 to 10 ml. Evacuated tubes may or may not contain additives. Blood collected in tubes without additives will clot and yield serum on centrifugation. Tubes that contain additives may or may not clot, depending upon the type of additive they contain and makes testing more rapid and accurate compared to open blood collection and testing.

Serum Blood Collection Tube

Serum Blood Collection tube aims at providing high-quality serum specimen for medical laboratories. It includes 2 kinds of tubes Pre-Coagulation Tube with red cap and Gel & Activator Tube with yellow cap.

1. Pre-Coagulation Tube is used in blood collection and storage for biochemistry and immunology tests. It's suitable for a wide range of operation, fast in coagulation, and free from both secondary separation of fibrin protein and the damage of blood corpuscle. The blood cells don't stick to side of tube walls and result in haemolysis.

Colour Code: Red

2. Gel & Activator Tube is used for clinical biochemistry and immunology. Inside the tube there is a barrier present at the bottom. After centrifugation, the gel creates a barrier that can effectively separate the serum from fibrin and cells, while preventing substance exchange between blood cell and serum. As a result, it can keep biochemical characteristic and chemical components of serum stable over a long period.

Colour Code: Yellow

*Also available in Non Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes

Whole Blood Collection Tube

Whole Blood Collection tube provides high-quality blood specimen for medical laboratories. It includes 2 kinds of tubes: EDTA tube with Lavender Cap and ESR tube with black cap.

1. EDTA Tube is widely used in clinical haematology as well as various kinds of blood cell test instruments. It has EDTA K3/K2 as anticoagulant.

Colour Code: Lavender

2. ESR Tube is used in blood collection and anticoagulation for sedimentation rate test. It contains a 3.8% buffered tn-sodium citrate solution (0.129 mol/l) with the mixing ratio of 1 part citrate solution to 4 parts blood. ESR measurement is done as per the Westergren method.

Colour Code: Black

* Also available in Non Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes

Plasma Blood Collection Tube

Plasma Blood Collection Tube provides high-quality plasma specimen for medical laboratories. It includes 3 kinds of tubes: Glucose Tube with grey cap, PT Tube with blue cap, Heparin Tube with green cap

1. Glucose Tubes

Applicable blood samples tests are: Blood sugar, Sugar tolerance, Red blood cell electrophoresis, Alkali-Resistant Hb Determination, and sugar dissolution. Anticoagulant used is lithium lodo Acetate.

Colour Code: Grey

2. PT/PTT Tubes

These are designed according to the 1:9 proportions of anti-coagulants and blood samples. Because of the low toxicity of the buffer sodium citrate, blood storage can be for extended period.

Colour Code: Blue

3. Heparin Tube

It is used in blood collection and anti-coagulation not only for routine clinical biochemistry tests and emergency biochemistry tests but also for some test items in blood rheology. It is coated with lithium heparin (or sodium heparin on request).

Colour Code: Green

*Also available in Non Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes