Our Brands

Healthcare is complex, intertwined, and touches every single individual on this planet. But healthcare with hygiene is becoming beyond the reach of the common man and is put under the proprietary rights of privileged class.

When Primark was started almost 40 years ago, our goal was to provide best products because we know we are handling a very precious thing called “LIFE”! Our aim is to be a guide. Along the path to becoming a guide, we came up with a range of revolutionary brands and our products are segmented to these brands based on the target market and use of the product.

PriPLUS, PriCARE, PriSAFE, PriVAC and PriSURE - each brand is a function of two things –Quality & Standard.

PriPLUS    is the superior quality, moderately priced, premium disposable products.

PriCARE    is a range of products that revolutionized the medical industry. Quality disposable products for regular consumption have been made inexpensive to the common man with PriCARE.

PriSAFE    is to provide the top most standards of hygiene at the best price. It mainly has the protective wears, mostly from Non Woven PP Fabrics.

With a wide range of Blood Collection Tubes, PriVAC    is a revolution in the world of laboratory consumables.

Latex Examination Gloves Bouffant Cap Latex Surgical Gloves Blood Collection Set Coming Soon
Nitrile Gloves Surgeon’s Cap   Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes  
Vinyl Gloves Face Masks   Non-VAC Blood Collection Tubes  
EVA Gloves Shoe Covers      
  Doctor’s Gowns