Tie-on Mask

Tie-on Masks are primarily intended to protect against airborne infective agents with its high filtration power. These masks are also intended to protect the staff against potentially contaminated fluid splashes.

Primark’s tie-on-masks are made to allow easy breathing. It caters to the more economical requirements of the domestic market to the advanced high performance surgical masks, meeting European (EN) and US (ASTM) standards. Our economical, standard tie-on masks have a unique bi-directional pleat design with horizontal ties. They are very popular and preferred for their comfort. All masks are 175 x 95 mm and manufactured on automated ultrasonic machinery.

Description :

  • Available in 1/2/3/4-Ply with flexible nose bar
  • Available in Blue/Green/White/Pink/Yellow
  • Strong Tie Bands, 40 Gsm, prevents tie snapping
  • 90 cm Horizontal Tie Bands accommodates all head sizes and hair lengths
  • Minimizes contamination
  • Mask Size: 175 mm x 95 mm
  • Premier or Economy Models caters various segments i.e. Public& Pvt Sectors
  • Malleable PVC coated aluminium nose-clip prevents air leakage
  • Test Reports from Nelson Labs (USA) for independent verification *
  • High Bacteria Filtration *(3-Ply: BFE>99%)
  • Low Breathing Resistance* (3-Ply: Delta P < 29, 4 Pa)
  • Fluid Repellent Masks available *(4-Ply: Splash Resistance > 120 mmHg)
  • 3-Ply adheres to European Class EN 14683 Type II, CE marked.
  • 4-Ply adheres to European Class EN 14683 Type II R, CE marked.
  • Packing in PP Bags and/or Duplex Dispensers
  • OEM Facility Available on Bulk Orders