Doctor’s Gown

When patients and health care workers are at risk of contamination from various blood borne pathogens and endogenous/exogenous microorganisms, doctor’s gowns provide a safe, effective means of protecting.

From inception, Primark has been a leader in medical fabric technology. We bring you more choice than ever in surgical gowns that provide the critical balance of properties your demanding work requires: barrier protection, flame resistance, lint and abrasion resistance. Primark’s Doctor’s gowns are also durable and help to maintain desired body temperature.

Description :

  • 40 Gsm PP Spunbond
  • 40 Gsm Medical Grade PP Spunbond
  • Basic protection level
  • Economical option for hospitals
  • Popular/Widely used domestically
  • Breathable
  • Knitted soft wrist cuffs
  • Velcro fastening
  • Universal Size: Length 135 Cm, Width 150 Cm
  • Different styles, sizes, GSM’s and packing available on request
  • Available Non Sterile or ETO Sterilized