Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile Gloves are popular for their high degree of flexibility, low resistance to friction and superior solvent resistance.

Our Nitrile Gloves are the best alternative to Latex or Vinyl Gloves. They are very easy to slide on. They are 230 – 240mm long and have a very low pinhole level. Nitrile Powder free gloves are ideal for people with allergic reaction to powdered products. These gloves can be used in Biotechnology, Laboratory, Medical, and Pharmaceutical Industries and also very popular in electronic industries.

Nitrile Gloves (Powder Free)

Description :

  • Compatible with any kind of hazardous environment.
  • Having Low Pinhole Level (AQL 1.5)
  • Made of 100% Synthetic Nitrile material.
  • Ambidextrous and ESD safe.
  • Very low chemical contaminants.
  • Beaded Cuffs.
  • No natural Latex Proteins are resistant to a broad range of chemicals.
  • Tensile Strength is >14 MPa and Elongation at Break (%) >500.
  • Packaged as 100 gloves per box and 10 boxes per case.
  • Packaged in tear open pouches
  • They are packaged as 25/50 pairs in a box and 20/10 boxes per master case

Available in Variable Sizes: Small, Medium & Large.